Posted Friday, Oct 4th 2013 @ 13:44

What do we have here?

Ah, it appears we have added two new regular contributors to our (rad) little collective, and you know what that means: high quality, self-produced, self-published content made fresh with DIY ethics and cheeky antics. Only now, even more of it!

I shall now proceed to tell you about our awesome new artists. Oh! I can do superhero profiles like I did with the boys way back in the day. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Real Name: Holly
Known Aliases: Flying Frog
Powers and Abilities: Rapidfire illustration, watercolor affinity +1, wildly expressive character design, creative writing, telekinesis.
Current Project(s): Prologues, ReMix Project, assorted mercenary assignments

Real Name: Jake
Known Aliases: Little Brother, Sir Jacob the Brave
Powers and Abilities: Multi-instrumentalist, charismatic front-man, vocal precision +1, affinity for piano, mutant learning capacity, shape-shifting.
Current Project: Monster

So, those are the new artists. Stay alert for a whirlwind of killer content. For free. Forever.

xoxo (CW) Alex