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So, what's all this?
By: Alex
Posted Saturday, Mar 22nd 2014 @ 11:20

Good question, world. I got this one!

We call ourselves The Wolfgang, or Wolfgang and Sons, or Wolfgang Family Band, depending on the work at hand. None of us remember how we came upon the name, but it has since come to represent our solidarity: we are stronger together. We are a small publisher in Arizona, and we make things. The things we make include, but are not limited to games, and music, and visual communication. In fact, they are not limited at all.

We make the things we want to make. We make these things because we want to make them. Although it is small, this is our revolution: our bid for change. By making the things we want, by making things under DIY ethics and lo-fi aesthetics, by releasing things under open source licenses, on our own terms, we lead by example. We are fostering change.

We seek to contribute to the democratization of media content. We want a state of affairs in which content means more than cash. We help make this happen by releasing quality content for free.

We seek to combat institutionally enforced hierarchies that prevent artists from making an honest living and economically marginalized individuals from having access to fine art. We do this by releasing quality content for free.

Here, you will find that content. You will find games, and music, and things. You'll find finished projects and works in progress. It's a bit disorganized, but you'll survive. Consider it candid. There are hidden treasures here.

The plan is simple. If enough of us circumvent the standards and practices which have led to a system in which notoriety is more powerful than hard work, the system will run out of steam. That hierarchy needs us, after all. It needs us to photograph our meals and accidentally click on ads. But we don't have to play by the rules. Things have changed, and we all have the agency to make our own game (we actually do make our own games).

Our footprint is small, but salient. But, on an internet with greater amount of content than our collective consumptive capacity, maybe that's okay. We're not going to think about it. We're going to make things and give them to you.

xoxo (CW) Alex

Andy Loves You!
By: Alex
Posted Friday, Feb 14th 2014 @ 12:55

Andrew's job was not to gather, it was to find.

North and South, East and West, Andrew was the seeker in a great game of hide and seek. He did not carry nectar and honeycomb back to the hive like the strong ants in the line. Andrew was to find the food, not carry it. And as such, he was not privy to the glory of those who brought back great bounty for the hive, and for Mother. Andrew could never work the line anyway. He was small and weak.

But there was one day each year that little Andrew so dearly looked forward too. Just after the first snowmelt, but before the march of the rabbits. On this day, and only this day, there came a flood of a delicacy quite different than any other. Full and sugary, but light as a feather, they seemed to be everywhere at once; and the Great Giants of the North would do anything but eat them.

Like a rain of chalk, candy hearts poured from the heavens; inscribed with the wisdom of the elders. "Be Mine." What could that mean?

It didn't matter. On this day, even little Andrew could bring in a haul big enough for the history books. Mother will be so pleased.

xoxo (CW) Alex

Aw, Snap!
By: Alex
Posted Monday, Jan 13th 2014 @ 22:14

It's Photography Week here at Wolfgang and Sons!

Woah, dang.

So we're featuring guest artists all week, both local and national, who have chosen to contribute a little fuel to the Wolfgang creative bonfire (patent pending?). And I'll do a little something something as well in the form of another harvest which I collected this chilly winter evening under a crisp, golden downtown sunset. I've been meaning for some time to do a downtown harvest, but these days have been awfully short; and I keep running out of light. This afternoon, I had my heart set on getting down there come rain or sleet or meatballs; and, as I drove, watching the sun tuck itself subtly beneath the tall buildings in the distance, the traffic just cracked right open and let me on through.

And that never happens. I'm not saying that there was divine intervention specifically for me or anything. It was probably meant for the dude in the red Camry I was tailgating the whole time. He looked super pious. Anyway, I made it before sundown and captured a few lovely textures for your viewing and digital artmaking delight, which I'll be happy to share at this time:

Second Harvest

So, as I'm wandering the beautiful downtown grottos and backalleys, I can feel this car getting close. And, to be fair, I was crossing a little slow-like. The windows are down, and I can hear the conversation of the couple inside. I am going to just give the direct quote, because it's the best direct quote ever:

"Heh, check out Greengaard over there clocking in at one mile an hour. Woah, dang, that really is Greengaard! What's up, Greengaard?"

It was Tucc, and her darling husband, Sapp. Yeah, yeah, it's a small world and whatnot; but the moral of the story is that "Greengaard" is now an adjective for a slow person in a crosswalk. Use it sparingly.

xoxo (CW) Alex

Merry Xmas from Little Andy!
By: Alex
Posted Monday, Dec 23rd 2013 @ 17:37

Well, we did it, guys! The Fine Art: 5c event was a big success and we raised over eleven hundred bucks for Child's Play! There were a lot of nickels.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Turns out, regular people are stronger together and we are allowed to do extraordinary things. Same bat time and channel next year? Let's.

My thank you to you is a little Xmas card from little Andy Ant. Perhaps his trip to the birch forest can be the first of many 6x8 voyages for Andrew. The caption for this one reads:

"Andrew wasn't sure what a Douglas Fir looked like, but he was sure this was the one."

Mother will be so pleased.

xoxo (CW) Alex

Fine Art: 5c (A Benefit for Child's Play)
By: Alex
Posted Friday, Nov 22nd 2013 @ 11:11

We are the Wolfgang and we believe that people should eat art. No. Well, sort of. We believe that art is like food: you should be allowed to have it, even if you ain't rich (Bread and Puppet 1987). So we're throwing a benefit concert for Child's Play: a charity that delivers toys and games to kids in children's hospitals. We're going to put music in your ears and art in your hands. That's happening. You see, we realized we have the power to reverse economically enforced barriers fortified by the institutionalized characterizations of so-called "high art." How? By selling fine art for five cents. You heard that correctly. Fine. Art. Five. Cents.

Deets: It's gonna be at Tucson's historic Rialto Theatre on December 22nd (2013). In the evening.

Update: I has posters! In delightful green (common), blue (uncommon), and red (rare) flavours! Just in: I now have posters in glorious polychrome! Or, you can print out the Neapolitan Collection and have them all!

Call to artists!!
So here's where we need you. We are doing a special edition print run of collectible stamps for the event. They'll be 2.5x3.5, in hard cases. They will be on sale for 5c a piece at the event (2 for ten bucks). And of course, all proceeds go to charity. Patrons who purchase a stamp (I'm sure everyone will buy at least one at those rock bottom prices) will not get to pick their poison. They get 'em at random. So if there's one they want, they'll have to either donate more to charity, or trade. Yeah, I know. It's really cool. Now, your part. If you think that being involved with this rad cheap art initiative is up your alley, send me a line drawing, black on white, 6x8. I don't need an original, just email me a scan. All submissions will be put into the stamp template and included in the print run. So, famous artists out there? Do me a favor and increase access to your fine art, with little effort, while helping an amazing cause. I finished mine, it looks like this:

The sandcastle represents, for me, the ultimate expression of non-institutionalized art. You build a sandcastle to build it, not for the glory. Then the ocean kills it.

Ah, yes, rock and roll. Well, we aren't about to go it alone, so we've asked In Search of a Word, Creating the Scene, Ocean Void, Bean Street Collective, and Eastern Shore to melt your face in the interim. It's an easy commit: walk through the door and you will be making a salient impact. Do be a dear and stop by.

xoxo (CW) Alex


Bread and Puppet. What Is Cheap Art? Glover, VT.: Bread & Puppet, 1987.

First Harvest
By: Alex
Posted Monday, Nov 4th 2013 @ 22:46

I've been ignoring the main page for too long, and that means you get something special from Santa's bag. You guessed right, I got you textures. It's gonna be the best Christmas ever!

Apparently, I have some weird ideas about copy, and the right to copy, and whatever. Maybe I'm crazy, but I just don't care about protecting my whats-its. If someone takes one of my brain-ventures and can somehow turn it into gold, I don't really feel attacked by that. It's kind of validating, actually. I believe in open source. All content on Wolfgang and Sons (dot com) is in the public domain. My stupid little things are gifts. They are for you. Please eat as many as you can.

Textures are a super contentious area when it comes to copy. Digital artists really need them, and they hate using the same one twice. But a web search for the texture you need, that just feels dirty. If only someone would just put a bunch of ballin' original textures in a zip file and then just give them away for free. Did I mention it's Christmas?

Here are the 48 shots I took before I made that wild stego-stallion from the Decosaurs series. They're textures from the urban southwest, taken by a very hungry photograpillar. They are yours, and they are dedicated to the sandwich I ate immediately afterward.

I'm calling them First Harvest, as I intend to provide many more in the future. I want a total of 150 before Christmas day: one for each Pokemon. Please use them in your weirdest digital candies.

And don't shoot your eye out.

xoxo (CW) Alex

Comic Con 2013!
By: Alex
Posted Sunday, Nov 3rd 2013 @ 7:30

Okay, sports fans. We're right in the thick of Comic Con and I want to do something special for our super crazy awesome fans!

So we've got a special edition print ready to go, absolutely free, for anyone who comes by the booth and gives the password. The password is: "It says on your website that you're giving away a free thing."

And we are.

Our booth is the mega giant one with the sweet wooden sign. You really can't miss it. Also, just because, if you can tell me what Paul Revere actually told the colonists on his midnight ride, I'll give you a dinosaur. This is a fact.

xoxo (CW) Alex

Whale, whale, whale
By: Alex
Posted Friday, Oct 4th 2013 @ 13:44

What do we have here?

Ah, it appears we have added two new regular contributors to our (rad) little collective, and you know what that means: high quality, self-produced, self-published content made fresh with DIY ethics and cheeky antics. Only now, even more of it!

I shall now proceed to tell you about our awesome new artists. Oh! I can do superhero profiles like I did with the boys way back in the day. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Real Name: Holly
Known Aliases: Flying Frog
Powers and Abilities: Rapidfire illustration, watercolor affinity +1, wildly expressive character design, creative writing, telekinesis.
Current Project(s): Prologues, ReMix Project, assorted mercenary assignments

Real Name: Jake
Known Aliases: Little Brother, Sir Jacob the Brave
Powers and Abilities: Multi-instrumentalist, charismatic front-man, vocal precision +1, affinity for piano, mutant learning capacity, shape-shifting.
Current Project: Monster

So, those are the new artists. Stay alert for a whirlwind of killer content. For free. Forever.

xoxo (CW) Alex

Hello! From Jake!
By: Jake
Posted Thursday, Oct 3rd 2013 @ 16:49

HELLO WOLFGANG AND SONS!!!! So, I'm Jake. I'm new here. I figure that before I post anything real on here, I should let y'all know a little about me and what I'm doing here in Arizona!

So, I make music with my incredible band mates. We're called CREATING THE SCENE. If you're thinking of a fun. lyric, you're correct. Fun. is my favorite band, and they really inspire us as musicians, so we figured it'd be appropriate. Alex helped us with the name. We've played lots and lots of times. We've even scratched our way onto the Rialto stage for the Tucson's Best Concert Indie Edition! That was literally crazy.

Right now the band and I are working on our album! If things go right, you can look for it early 2014 to Spring 2014!

Oh man, I can really ramble. I'll cut to the chase. From me you can expect anything artistic that I can manage. Much like my brother, Alex, I live for ART.

So, I'm so excited to be joining the Wolfgang on this website! They are so talented, and I hope that anything I post can live up to what they're creating!

See ya later, alligators.

By: Alex
Posted Tuesday, Aug 27th 2013 @ 9:03

I've been thinking a lot about bread lately.

I tend to resist political conversations, because I have become increasingly neutral in that respect; and because my political alignments are less important to me than my interpersonal relationships. So when it comes to the discussion of art movements, I am oft more interested in the art itself than the motives. But lately, my art practice has seen a rise in ethical engagement; and I've found myself caring a lot more when the art in question bears the weight of the socio-political framework from which it came.

The movements that have intrigued me thus far have been associated with breaking from the commodification of art. DIY ethics, self-publication, and open source have all become major contributors to the underlying motivations behind my practice; and in many ways, to the art itself.

But I'm still finding my style.

And lately, two movements in particular have been informing my work tremendously: Bread and Puppet Theatre and the Fluxus Movement. Both movements have foundations in non-commercialism, community building, and DIY; and, as you have already posited, that's my jam.

Bread and Puppet derives a lot of its discourse from a single notion: that art should be as essential and accessible to us as bread. In particular, this document, written the year I was born, has been extremely influential to me, and I have made it a paramount goal of mine to produce cheap art and enable others to do the same.

Fluxus, a movement championed by George Maciunas in the 1960s and 70s, calls upon artists to create affordable, reproducible works that challenge the established societal structure of fine art as a gatekeeper to socio-economic status. His work inspired printmakers and various other artists to challenge traditionalist definitions of art in true dadaist fashion; a movement rife with audacious humor and provocative eccentricity.

So, yeah. These movements are informing my impetus for artmaking. You know how I do. But, it's also worth noting that they are informing my developing style as an illustrator. I have always found a lot of beauty in single-tone printing. From the etched plate prints of Hogarth in the late 1700s to the halftone works of Herge at the turn of the 20th century, I have always admired artists able to create depth and complexity from simple means. Both Fluxus and Bread and Puppet contributed to a resurgence this aesthetic, and I have found great inspiration in printworks associated with these movements.

I want to explore new avenues of printmaking. I want to use cheap materials and processes to create deceptively simple works with underlying veins of depth and complexity. I want to do more with less.

I think my work on Scout is a good place to start.

xoxo (CW) Alex

Eye of Thundera: 7-29
By: Alex
Posted Monday, Jul 29th 2013 @ 13:15

So you're now aware that a Howl of the Wolf Pack is when we tell you what kind of crazy biz we've been up to. Eye of Thundera (As in, the jewel in the Sword of Omens, doy) is when we announce the next wave of sweet, sweet, brain candy. Just so you know, this is not a power reserved only for fabulous cat-people. Wolfs can see the future, too. We're also sweet at macrame. Look it up.

Okay, so now I hold the sword up to my face and... what was the-

Eye of Thundera, give me sight beyond sight!

Let's see: hoverboards, flying cars, double-ties... Let's dial it back a bit...


We're starting work on a new graphic novel-type project thingy called Prologues. The concept is a series of two-page introductions to stories that never get told. We're hoping to get you hooked and ready for more, and then we'll just pull the rug out and start fresh on the next page with something new. So basically, we want to punish you for being our fans. Yay!! Okay, next.

We're going to be hitting the studios hard in the next few months, working on Moonlit Lake, Grown from the Grotto, and a new idea, called The Gate. The Gate is a progressive folk album inspired by Ben and Tucc. We're going to fill the space with Wagner-driven complexity, but we'll record the entire album through a single mic. My first mic, to be more specific. Everything goes through the gate.

We have two games to announce, and I'll announce them now.

scAvengers is a war game set in a post-nuclear test neighborhood in New Mexico. All the people died, and warring factions of pets are now competing for territory. Cats, dogs, hamsters, and fish will duke it out in this radioactive wonderland. Think Risk meets DOTA, with the weirdness cranked to ten.

Scout: A Little Odyssey is a 1-2 player card game in which you play a lost ant in search of a new food source. You need to navigate the perils of the wilderness, find a source of precious nectar for Mother, and make it home before night falls.

"Where do you come up with this stuff?" a Nigerian prince just asked me. The truth is, the monsters in my head tell me what to do.

xoxo (CW) Alex

It's time for some video.
By: Dan
Posted Saturday, Jul 27th 2013 @ 7:02

First rough cut bootleg raw Rialto concert footage!!!

Howl of the Wolf Pack! (6-5)
By: Alex
Posted Wednesday, Jun 5th 2013 @ 23:46

Holy guac, this place is teeming with content! Boys, you're killing it. Killing. It.

Alright, crackers, let's howl.

Dan has been rockin' it CCR style with his collabs (community building, anyone?). His latest track, Open Prayer, groves, yeah; but with a set of teeth. Teeth! Get you some.

Dan has also been nose-to-the-Wolfgang-grindstone (We call this Greengaard-style) on his graphic novel. Ch-check the latest update here.

Wilson is dropping the art hammer with some work-in-progress action on an insane commission. He has clearly made a dark pact for these powers. Go ahead and click, click, click on the high res.

Kid has also been mixing some stuff we thought we had lost, and- Oh my Lanta, this thing cuts. Just- just click on the- just click on the thing. Like, now.

Oh, my turn? Okay. New Galapagos preview; got you some clean lines for them dirty eyeballs. Go on. You know you want to.

Oh, and did you ask for some bonus content? Like, the back of the Galapagos box, or whatever? Well, since you said please.

xoxo (CW) Alex.

By: Alex
Posted Friday, May 31st 2013 @ 17:09

This is the part where you click on the thing and we tell you everything you need to know about the site. Only, we're not going to do that.

You are.

I need you to do me a solid. Click on the little envelope thingy at the top of the post. A golden idol will rise from the floor panels of your antechamber. It's a monkey. Place a jewel in its jaws. He will tell you my email address. (Note: Some modern computers will streamline this step).

Now, email me with the following information:

-What is Wolfgang and Sons (dot com)?

-Do you make art? Are we involved in some way? Tell me more.

-I want to do a little word association now. I'll say a word or phrase, and you react. Okay. Self-publication. DIY Ethics. Lo-fi. Chihuahua.

-Does Facebook make you feel icky? Do I make you feel icky? Compare and contrast.

-Free stuff. Weird, right?

Now, I can't tell you why I'm asking you to take on this top secret mission. But I will say this: the fate of the galaxy depends on you.

Now, grab a word-blaster and shoot those bugs, soldier! Or uh, what was I-

xoxo (CW) Alex

Don't think I won't.
By: Alex
Posted Sunday, May 12th 2013 @ 22:52

Tonight, Jake's band, Creating the Scene, played an amazing set at southern Arizona's most coveted venue, the Rialto Theatre. The entire gang came to cheer him on, and we sang his lyrics right back to him from beneath the big stage. I can prove it, too.

That is a Polaroid photograph of The Wolfgang enjoying Arizona's very best youth rock and roll. Yeah, they still make those! Wilson (or was it Dan?) said I should drop that photo on the main page tonight. "Don't think I won't," I replied, not fully committed. But the more I looked at it, the more I began to think about those few things left in our lives that are as tangible as a Polaroid photo.

Jake. Your impact on this community is real. You are bound for greater things. We all believe in you.

Send me a few shots from the show and I'll update this post with 'em. Don't think I won't.

Update: You ordered some pictures of CTS at Rialto?

Gentlemen, great show. You rock.

xoxo (CW) Alex

By: Alex
Posted Monday, May 6th 2013 @ 11:12

I'm not really a fan of logos. Seems kind of cruddy to me: a piece of artwork that the artist doesn't get to sign or take credit for, whose sole purpose is to generate media impressions and promote brand recognition. Art for the sake of commerce. Yeah, actually that sounds evil.

So I made a new logo! But I don't think I want to call it a logo, because of all the logo trash talk in paragraph one, and because the artwork I've done is very meaningful to me. To us, and our dialectic here at the museum. So I'm going to call it the Wolfgang Doodle; not to be confused with Wolfgang Brand Cheese Doodles, coming soon wherever garbage treats are sold. So, should I show the picture and then talk about it? Or talk about it and... Okay, picture.

A burst of flora grinds the gears of a watch mechanism to a halt. Give it time, and we'll do the same.

A lot of touring acts and bigger local numbers have these posters with a large photograph and blank spaces for the venue, date, and time of their next performance at the bottom. This essential information is then sharpied into the empty spaces in the "Club Promoter Bold" font. We've talked about doing a print run of these for years, but they're a bit expensive, and we're a bit cheap.

Then I remembered that Doug TenNapel (comic artist, game designer, superhero) draws circles around his competitors, typically with one-color print runs. And I thought about the Bread and Puppet Cheap Art Manifesto that my advisor sent me this semester. And the inspirational DIY art of a few contemporaries of mine in their various endeavors. Yeah. Let's go lo-fi.

I showed this off to a few friends and family this weekend, and three people independently exclaimed "That poor strawberry!" Please. We've all done worse things to strawberries.

xoxo (CW) Alex

Howl of the Wolf Pack! (4-22)
By: Alex
Posted Monday, Apr 22nd 2013 @ 11:04

In the wake of a slew of killer content, I think the time has come to call your attention to our recent activity. You could call this a blogroll, or whatever, but you'd be doing it injustice. Because it's a howl of the wolf pack. You're welcome.

Dan has posted some notes and behind-the-curtain content on his upcoming graphic novel. He's an amazing writer, and even his pre-writing is dynamic and intriguing. Check it out here.

Wilson has been learning the arts of recording, mixing, and mastering with great haste. Recently, we had the beautiful and talented Mariah McCammond in the studio to record her track Nightshade. Here is the mix!

I have a bit of world-building and shop talk for my latest work on Galapagos to share. You may click on this morsel of hypertext to enjoy it.

And we just played a really, really big show at Playground. Wolfgang Family Band assemble! This Flickr set should do the trick for helping you understand that, indeed, rock and roll is a viscous beast crackling beneath our skin, bursting from our lungs and our hearts.

xoxo (CW) Alex

Wolfgang Family Band
By: Alex
Posted Monday, Apr 8th 2013 @ 15:20

We've spent the last year or so trying to figure out exactly how to implement a project called Wolfgang Family Band: a grassroots approach to building solidarity across the southern Arizona music scene while practicing DIY ethics in live performance and booking. Somewhere in all the planning, organizing, and beard-stroking of the caper-development process, we realized, Archimedes style, that we've already been doing this for years; and that all we needed to do was give it a name. And a fancy hat. This- is that fancy hat.

Wolfgang Family Band is a coalition of musicians in southern Arizona: we exist as separate bands with separate names, but we are not separate. We share a multitude of commonalities: we are united by friendship, by family, and by the reasons we do what we do. And what we do is rock. Also, and this is important, we seek to break the traditional booking archetypes through a series of rent parties, shows in which the fans, the families, the musicians, and the community become a single creative force. The first rent parties were hosted by skiffle players in America and England in the early 20th century. The goal was to bring everyone together and make music and, hopefully, gather a few bucks to pay the rent. Skiffle was a movement shaped by the love of music. It was inclusive. People made basses out of tea-chests. Can we do that? We're going to do that.

Should I introduce the bands, now? Okay.

The Wolfgang is me, Dan, and Wilson. We play rock and roll music and we made this website. We're super into hugging.

In Search of a Word is Tucc's project. She's a jack of all trades, like yours truly, and as such, I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for her. Her progressive-folk sound has become essential to the Tucson music identity. The band's incredible EP is available on the google and demands your attention.

Creating the Scene is an indie-pop trio making waves in the youth music scene. They are, by a mile, the most progressive and prolific 15-year-olds in the history of ever. They've released a ton of content, DIY style, via the you-tubes (Tear to my eye). Enjoy that content by clicking on this hyperlink.

Mariah McCammond is a singer/songwriter/harpist whose live set is visceral and breathtaking.

Eastern Shore is a piano-driven progressive-indie-pop trio led by Jayson Draper. Rad. Their single, Castles, is available via the usual channels.

Did I miss one? Or, did you want to be a part of this monkey business? Email me.

In other words, Wolfgang Family Band is changing the way we book performances in Arizona. And, more importantly, we're changing the reason we book them. And we exist, officially, because I said so, now.

Wait- I have to click on the little- okay- now.

xoxo (CW) Alex

Oh, and I guess if we're making a stand-
By: Alex
Posted Monday, Apr 1st 2013 @ 12:44

We should probably tell you about it.

There's a smidge more method behind the madness of Wishing Well than we previously divulged. See, if we're pushing open source and DIY ethics and then selling music on iTunes, there's a bit of a conflict of interest. I think. I'm going to call it a gray area. I like that better. So, in keeping with the joyful, chaotic mischief that is paramount to Wolfgang uh, things, we dropped a bit of a wrench into the iTunes machine. Let's see if they notice.

It’s funny I should mention iTunes. Their absolute proprietary control over the distribution of digital music is swiftly commodifying an art-form, and leaving in its wake the lifeless, commercial shells of once proud musicians. iTunes enslaves both its license holders and its customers with its DRM-heavy proprietary model, and, with near-monopoly control over the market share, it uses its weight to gain control over not only the distribution of artwork, but the artwork itself. Indeed, in keeping with the spending habits of listeners, iTunes makes all tracks on all albums available for single-purchase for ninety nine cents. Artists wishing to sell albums as cohesive units and disallowing the sale of individual tracks are denied this privilege; as it is against the iTunes Terms of Service. iTunes, not the artist, controls the final form of the artwork that reaches the consumer. Did you notice the length of the tracks on Wishing Well?

When you buy Wishing Well on iTunes, you are actually participating in a massive public protest, taking a stand against their proprietary control over the final form of the art. There’s a bit of a loophole, as it were. When a track is longer than ten minutes, iTunes automatically categorizes it as an “Extended Track,” and sells it is “Album Only.” This makes sense to their proprietary model, considering that the music is a mere product to them, and ten minutes is simply too much value for ninety nine cents.

Wishing Well contains over twelve individual movements, but these movements have been mastered into three tracks: thirteen, sixteen, and nineteen minutes in length. As such, all of Wishing Well’s tracks are listed on iTunes as “Album Only.” When you buy Wishing Well from iTunes, you are making a statement against their use of market control to attempt to maximize profits by controlling the art itself. And, there’s no way to lose! If they change the policy on “Extended Tracks,” then people can buy our nineteen minute songs for ninety nine cents. If they boot us off of iTunes, they’re just giving money to Amazon, let alone creating impetus for other businesses to gain an economic edge over their empirical price-point initiatives. And if they pretend not to notice, a likely outcome, they’re paving the way for other artists to release their music on a large platform without compromising control over its final form. Considering the fact that we’re also giving away the music for free- sure, we won’t mind a buck or two from the iTunes automatic check-writing machine while we keep their hands tied.

xoxo (CW) Alex

Lifting the embargo
By: Alex
Posted Saturday, Mar 16th 2013 @ 23:40

Alright, boys. I got my first packet response and the world didn't implode so I'm lifting the ban on main-page posting. Use this power with care. Do not get the site wet. Do not feed it after midnight.

For the reader with furrowed brow, that was a bit of dev-banter. I'm communicating with my cohorts through channels we created specifically to communicate with you. We do that here, both because it entertains us in a resplendently impish sort of way, and because it provides a necessary sliver of world building, which, incidentally, entertains us as well. If you read the word sliver just now and thought of Magic, you're in the right place. Oh, and speaking of world building; with decidedly bold font face, I'd like to provide you with-

Necessary Information
We are an artist's collective and this is a collection. There are three of us. We post content regularly. There is a schedule. It looks like this:


On Sundays, we meet at the Hummingbird House. Here we record music, design games, make this website, and plot elaborate capers. I intend to provide detailed information about my contemporaries in the following paragraph, but the only wording I can seem to produce for the bold-faced title is Gang Member Profiles, which, I think, might not accomplish the outlying thesis to the degree and standard I seek. However, I've been made aware that the answer is embedded within the question.

Detailed Information About My Contemporaries:

Real Name: Dan
Known Aliases: Willee Wolfgang
Powers and Abilities: Electric guitar, vocal precision +1, quality assurance, scheme-plotting
Current Project: Moonlit Lake LP

Real Name: Wilson
Known Aliases: Chris; Christucson; C-Man; The Juice; Eye Guy; StuArt Zeta...
Powers and Abilities: Acrylic on canvas, bass guitar, non-bass guitar, mind expansion/obliteration, limitless luck, can ingest toxins
Current Project: Codename Grotto

Real Name: Alex
Known Aliases: Automaton, The Baron
Powers and Abilities: Charismatic leader, jack of all trades
Current Project: Galapagos!

We intend to provide you with a steady flow of high-quality free content made with DIY ethics, lo-fi aesthetics, and gluten alternatives. We're also going to change everything.

xoxo (CW) Alex

Okay, launching the site, now.
By: Alex
Posted Friday, Mar 1st 2013 @ 22:10

This is kind of what it's all about for me. Wolfgang and Sons dot com is a content delivery platform for artists working under DIY ethics. That means that we release music, games, and fine art to wide audiences completely free, with no digital rights management software, no single-use licenses, and no terms of service agreement. You get the content, no questions.

So, what's in it for us? The work that we do is killer, and we think you're actually going to want to pay for it. We'll make that possible for you. You know, if you want. Whatever. We'll also make it possible for new and emerging artists to release their art to wide audiences, so that's cool.

Here's what to expect: One. Content on a regular basis. Think Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We're an artist collective, a rock and roll band, and an indie game development house. We'll be releasing new music like woah, and you can expect games and other things as well. We even have a section for things, whatever that means. Two. Commentary. When we drop content, we'll tell you all about it. And, in the things section, you can expect some cheeky dev-banter. Three. Quality. We consider ourselves curators for a really weird museum. Expect bells and whistles.

So, now that you know our deal, click on the little buttons until you pass out. I don't care.

xoxo (CW) Alex.

Live? I've been alive for awhile now.
By: Dan
Posted Friday, Mar 1st 2013 @ 21:38

Just heard a guy tell some other guy That Tesla was Alexander Graham Bell's protege. Yep.

By: Wilson
Posted Friday, Mar 1st 2013 @ 14:11

May the Art, Music, and Games begin!

Want your music/game on Wolfgang and Sons dot com? info@wolfgangandsons.com