Posted Monday, Jul 29th 2013 @ 13:15

So you're now aware that a Howl of the Wolf Pack is when we tell you what kind of crazy biz we've been up to. Eye of Thundera (As in, the jewel in the Sword of Omens, doy) is when we announce the next wave of sweet, sweet, brain candy. Just so you know, this is not a power reserved only for fabulous cat-people. Wolfs can see the future, too. We're also sweet at macrame. Look it up.

Okay, so now I hold the sword up to my face and... what was the-

Eye of Thundera, give me sight beyond sight!

Let's see: hoverboards, flying cars, double-ties... Let's dial it back a bit...


We're starting work on a new graphic novel-type project thingy called Prologues. The concept is a series of two-page introductions to stories that never get told. We're hoping to get you hooked and ready for more, and then we'll just pull the rug out and start fresh on the next page with something new. So basically, we want to punish you for being our fans. Yay!! Okay, next.

We're going to be hitting the studios hard in the next few months, working on Moonlit Lake, Grown from the Grotto, and a new idea, called The Gate. The Gate is a progressive folk album inspired by Ben and Tucc. We're going to fill the space with Wagner-driven complexity, but we'll record the entire album through a single mic. My first mic, to be more specific. Everything goes through the gate.

We have two games to announce, and I'll announce them now.

scAvengers is a war game set in a post-nuclear test neighborhood in New Mexico. All the people died, and warring factions of pets are now competing for territory. Cats, dogs, hamsters, and fish will duke it out in this radioactive wonderland. Think Risk meets DOTA, with the weirdness cranked to ten.

Scout: A Little Odyssey is a 1-2 player card game in which you play a lost ant in search of a new food source. You need to navigate the perils of the wilderness, find a source of precious nectar for Mother, and make it home before night falls.

"Where do you come up with this stuff?" a Nigerian prince just asked me. The truth is, the monsters in my head tell me what to do.

xoxo (CW) Alex