Posted Friday, Feb 14th 2014 @ 12:55

Andrew's job was not to gather, it was to find.

North and South, East and West, Andrew was the seeker in a great game of hide and seek. He did not carry nectar and honeycomb back to the hive like the strong ants in the line. Andrew was to find the food, not carry it. And as such, he was not privy to the glory of those who brought back great bounty for the hive, and for Mother. Andrew could never work the line anyway. He was small and weak.

But there was one day each year that little Andrew so dearly looked forward too. Just after the first snowmelt, but before the march of the rabbits. On this day, and only this day, there came a flood of a delicacy quite different than any other. Full and sugary, but light as a feather, they seemed to be everywhere at once; and the Great Giants of the North would do anything but eat them.

Like a rain of chalk, candy hearts poured from the heavens; inscribed with the wisdom of the elders. "Be Mine." What could that mean?

It didn't matter. On this day, even little Andrew could bring in a haul big enough for the history books. Mother will be so pleased.

xoxo (CW) Alex