Posted Monday, Sep 9th 2013 @ 10:13

With Prologues around the corner, I have been experimenting with new techniques in my comic backdrops, as well as searching for new methodologies for generating texture. My general process typically involves close-up photographs of textures I find interesting around town which I later convert to texture maps for use in mixed-media pieces.

In the Shadowcat piece, I used many of the same processes, but with real paint. It was both exciting and terrifying to be out of my comfort zone on that one. So I'm chasing the dragon to find new ways to stretch my practice and build a robust bag of tricks. I'm actually working on a dragon this week, so, patting myself on the back for that metaphor. Good job, me. Keepin' it relevant.

Oh, right. Post. Got this. I think a powerful emergent technology for the purpose of comic coloring is the gui-based vector generator. I also think that such powerful technology brings back old debates about artist vs. tools and art vs. non art and plants vs. zombies. Okay, well the first two. There is no debate about the third. Plants are better than zombies. Interestingly, my experimentation led me toward a piece inspired by an early Duchamp painting; a work he produced before he started asking these questions.

Meta Discourse for the win. Also, enjoy Sticks and Stones:

xoxo (CW) Alex