Posted Friday, Mar 1st 2013 @ 23:41

Content Type: LP
Artist: The Wolfgang
Original Release: 2012

Notes: Wishing Well is part one of a three-part project, codenamed The Sun, the Moon, and the Grotto, exploring the creative phenomena that runs rampant within each member of the gang. The concept enables each of us to have artistic control over an album; to take the lead, as it were. Wishing Well is my contribution to the project. It's about-

The child has been long dead, since the three were children themselves. Images of that forest spin fresh in their minds. They feel responsible. Three voices tumble against the stone walls of the wishing well. Their echoes reverberate through the bones of the living.

“She followed me through the rocks, through the trees, through the stones. She took a drink from a little stream by the road. And I swear, and I swear, and I swear that I knew where she’d gone. And the guilt, and the guilt, and the guilt, how it builds in my throat.”

Three voices relive the tragedy. Three voices, whose remorse, anger, and shame shaped three lives wrought with addiction, aggression, and fear. They each felt responsible. Long after, the echoes of their guilt thresh and fold within the walls of the wishing well.

Part I: Tiger on my Left
Part II: Whiskey and Stones
Part III: Wishing Well

And of course, if you like the music or whatever and you think that giving us money sounds like fun, then pick your poison.