Posted Monday, Apr 8th 2013 @ 12:49

Content Type: Single
Artist: Creating the Scene
Original Release: 2013

Notes: Walls is an album-cut from Creating the Scene's upcoming LP, codenamed Monster. At 15, the band's leader Jacob Walters has already begun to tie major concepts and themes into the context of an album as a single entity, rather than a collection of subsequent parts. In this project, the band explores powerful emotions elicited by social banding in youth communities: exclusion, power differentials, and intimidation. In lyric, Walters engages these themes from two perspectives: from the voice of the chagrined casualties of these forces, and through the eyes of those that build such differentials, as illustrated by the personification of an inner villain; a monster growing within. Walls is a powerful attestation of the inner turbulence that builds within our society's youth as they face increasingly virulent social conditions.

Creating the Scene is an indie power-pop trio in Southern Arizona. Their name derives from a popular Nate Ruess lyric; indicative of their genre identity in progressive and baroque pop and a connection to the American Southwest. Their music spans a wide range of stylistic and genre-based characteristics: ranging from upbeat piano-driven numbers to darker, visceral guitar-led pieces. Members of the band switch instruments and roles regularly during live sets, enabling a diverse and eclectic setlist. Their sound fluctuates, borrowing elements from Queen, Crash Kings, Format, and Oasis. Creating the Scene is a member of the Wolfgang Family Band, and records under the Wolfgang and Sons label, implementing DIY ethics and changing the music industry under their own terms. Their LP is currently in recording, due for release in 2013.

Track: Walls