Posted Monday, Oct 21st 2013 @ 8:56

Okay, sports fans, it's crunch time. Comic Con is about a week away and we've got five days to turn on the creative heat. After that the plan is to stop. That is, stop with the creative stuff and deal with all the boring prep work we don't want to do. If we finish that early, then I won't cry about a few last minute pieces. What I anticipate, however, is that we've forgotten something important. As unsettling as that sentiment may be for the paranoid artist, I'm not going to break my brain worrying about it. And if I do, I'll just get a bonsai tree to obsess over. What am I talking about? Oh, no. It's happening.


Today's cell is from an upcoming prologue, and I can't tell you much more, because the comic timing in this one is important. In fact, the premise itself is the joke, so I need to be careful while introducing you to this fabric landscape. I suppose I will not be able to hide the fact that there are dinosaurs in this one. But that's all you get.

I've been thinking about speed in the comic artform. I wonder how some artists compare in this regard and whether it plays into the selection process for the major publishers. Typically, I'm very slow with my cells; and getting a page done is practically torture. Wilson has agreed of late, as his page one for Sacrament was an ancient bloodletting rite. Holly has probably finished eleven pages in the time it took me to write this paragraph. So, emulating Holly's kapow-art jitsu, I sought to paint this one with great haste. The experiment was to see if I'd lose any fidelity if I lit a fire under my shoe. The process was something like this: Paint= splat! Values= zerrrrp. Texture= bang, bang. And congratulations, it's a dinosaur!

Unfortunately, now I'm fresh out of excuses when I can't drag myself over to the drafting table.

xoxo (CW) Alex