Posted Monday, Jun 3rd 2013 @ 22:07

In Galapagos, success is determined by your ability to out-compete your opponents for ecological space. Depending on your presence in the forest, you will harvest varying amounts of genetic material each turn. Okay, cool. Now, you have a choice to make. What are you going to spend those sweet, sweet nucleobases on? Here are some options!

a) You can buy adaptations! These are cheap and have known effects when attached to a creature, such as a bonus to fighting or access to the canopy. Now, you must be wondering, "How are you going to punish us for this obviously responsible choice?" Well I'm glad you asked. Dan, our resident caper plotter, designed the handicap for this one, and it's really mean. The stacks of adaptations are ordered with the weakest on top. So, by purchasing one, you are giving your opponents access to a more powerful one. Jeez, Dan, you're so mean! Here are a few mutations I just finished (Canines, Stealth, and Hunter's Instinct):

b) You can spend a little more on a random mutation. These have predictable costs, but are face-down, and you never know exactly which you'll get. That's a high-risk, high-reward endeavor there, partner. You could get Wings, or you could end up with Too Many Legs!

You could get Fancy Plumage (Hey Ladies!), or you could end up with No Bones!

Jellyfish need to drink more milk. Many suffer from severe osteoporosis. Some jellyfish are immortal, though, so there's that. Oh.

c) You can propagate! This is very expensive, but you get another creature, which means more presence in the forest, and you get to harvest more precious, golden-delicious genes. Here is a creature named Angel:

She's hanging out with a dewclaw, which is a random mutation with no function at all. Like a teenager!

It's like Olmec says: "The choices are yours and yours alone." Or, well, they will be. I just have to-

xoxo (CW) Alex