Posted Monday, Jul 8th 2013 @ 16:34

That's right, sports fans, we're in beta! And it's an open beta, so you can grab your copy today and help us finish this thang. Did you want that link?

Here's that link.

So, how can you help us fix it? Well, you'll need a copy first. Then, play the game with your friends and your enemies, and email me with that feedback. There are a few things I need to know specifically, so do tell, if you are so inclined. Activate bulleted list!

-Are there enough hex tiles to make a variety of dynamic game boards? Should I pack in more?

-Is harvesting easy enough to understand?

-Is everything printing clearly enough for your home game area/opium den?

-Are there strategies that seem broken?

-Does it feel like the player that goes first has an advantage? Or maybe a disadvantage?

-Are there enough genetic material cards? Are there too many?

-What's your favorite win condition?

-Should everything be labeled? Or do you like the minimalist approach?

I also want general impressions and the like. I need reports of balance issues of course. And let me know, in a nice way, if some of the art isn't playing.

Happy mutating, everyone.

xoxo (CW) Alex