Posted Wednesday, Apr 3rd 2013 @ 18:01

In terms of the gargantuanatonic-monic monster that is iTunes it it quite clear to which whom struck first.

Here we have yet another fantastic painting my C.Wilson the Magnificent!

But who is the champion of the painting seen before our eyes? Who the villan, and who the victim?

A brave knight journeys upward heights to the great cave on the side of treacherous mountains in the great unknown in search of glorious treasure, and glorious glory! The great dragon, wise and chameleonic skinned, soars by regurgitating incendiary flame from its maw.

I ask again, but in different words: Who strikes first?

Come up with a story in your imaginations kids. Come up with one for both sides; there is always two sides to a story. Who is your heroic champion, and who be the treacherous doomed villan?

As always,

Have fun!