Posted Tuesday, Jul 16th 2013 @ 2:12

So the art department is up and running. Wilson, Holly, and yours truly have started a ritual which feels somehow ancient and powerful. It works like this: the three of us sit around a table and create. When any of us feels we've penciled something with gusto, we pass it. The next artist who receives the work must ink it, and pass it to the third for color. The process, "create, pass, create," is dynamic and visceral. And the work is haphazard, high energy, and one-of-a-kind. I have this wild idea that we try it in public and sell the originals for peanuts (Seriously, Tucc, you've got me on the pun train and I don't know where it stops). After all, DIY ethics, open source, and whatnot.

I have two pieces I want to share, but one is very far away, so I'll need to update this post when it returns to me. Aw, jeez. I'm starting to talk like Wilson, aren't I? Next thing you know I'll be eating creosote.

Okay, this one is a Wilson/me original. It's called Ancient Grudge. Wizards, feel free to use it when you re-release that card for the 91st printing. Guess who did what. I dare you.

Now, this one is sold, but we're on fire right now, so we'll have much hotness for you asap. Oh, yeah I realize I'm late with the post tonight, so I'll hit you with some music tomorrow. Then we're even, right?

xoxo (CW) Alex