Posted Monday, Feb 24th 2014 @ 1:10

Some new track recordings and mixes!
I've been keeping my head down and working hard on the music front and though I've been MIA here on site I have not been MIA in the real world where stuff actually happens.

And I think Betty will prove it. White Hot Betty.
Or Monster, take your pick really.

Lo-Fi recording anyone?

There is a strange long term trend in music recording, with the thought being "Louder is better." A big part of what the industry considers Radio-Ready is having the volume of the recording as loud as possible. I don't know why, PInk Floyd recorded Dark Side of The Moon without compressors or adaptive limiters to crank levels right to the clip line. That album still sounds amazing. However, we're not releasing tracks in the seventies, so watch your eardrums kids.