Posted Monday, Apr 8th 2013 @ 15:20

We've spent the last year or so trying to figure out exactly how to implement a project called Wolfgang Family Band: a grassroots approach to building solidarity across the southern Arizona music scene while practicing DIY ethics in live performance and booking. Somewhere in all the planning, organizing, and beard-stroking of the caper-development process, we realized, Archimedes style, that we've already been doing this for years; and that all we needed to do was give it a name. And a fancy hat. This- is that fancy hat.

Wolfgang Family Band is a coalition of musicians in southern Arizona: we exist as separate bands with separate names, but we are not separate. We share a multitude of commonalities: we are united by friendship, by family, and by the reasons we do what we do. And what we do is rock. Also, and this is important, we seek to break the traditional booking archetypes through a series of rent parties, shows in which the fans, the families, the musicians, and the community become a single creative force. The first rent parties were hosted by skiffle players in America and England in the early 20th century. The goal was to bring everyone together and make music and, hopefully, gather a few bucks to pay the rent. Skiffle was a movement shaped by the love of music. It was inclusive. People made basses out of tea-chests. Can we do that? We're going to do that.

Should I introduce the bands, now? Okay.

The Wolfgang is me, Dan, and Wilson. We play rock and roll music and we made this website. We're super into hugging.

In Search of a Word is Tucc's project. She's a jack of all trades, like yours truly, and as such, I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for her. Her progressive-folk sound has become essential to the Tucson music identity. The band's incredible EP is available on the google and demands your attention.

Creating the Scene is an indie-pop trio making waves in the youth music scene. They are, by a mile, the most progressive and prolific 15-year-olds in the history of ever. They've released a ton of content, DIY style, via the you-tubes (Tear to my eye). Enjoy that content by clicking on this hyperlink.

Mariah McCammond is a singer/songwriter/harpist whose live set is visceral and breathtaking.

Eastern Shore is a piano-driven progressive-indie-pop trio led by Jayson Draper. Rad. Their single, Castles, is available via the usual channels.

Did I miss one? Or, did you want to be a part of this monkey business? Email me.

In other words, Wolfgang Family Band is changing the way we book performances in Arizona. And, more importantly, we're changing the reason we book them. And we exist, officially, because I said so, now.

Wait- I have to click on the little- okay- now.

xoxo (CW) Alex