Posted Monday, Sep 16th 2013 @ 17:28

I've been having this conversation in my head between myself and a bunch of imaginary radio stations about Wishing Well. They keep saying "Yo, Wolfgang, we want to play this album but nineteen minute tracks? Can't do that." And then I say "Well, that's what you get."

But it turns out that there are some human people (Which is to say they are not imaginary radio people) who want to listen to some of those tasty bites in short bursts. So, I'll allow this. But not before using the power of the WORLD WIDE WEB to link to the full album in all it's fullness, for those new fans that don't know what Wishing Well is.

This is what Wishing Well is.

Okay. so there's that. I really want you to listen to this crazy ride all the way through if you have the time. It's a lo-fi tour de force, or whatever. But, since you asked for radio cuts, I suppose you can have 'em. I've been meaning to clean these up for a while, and this was a half decent excuse. Oh, the tracks. Here's a limited selection of some tasty, tasty noms from Wishing Well:

Whiskey and Stones
Bones (The Rhythm)
Oh, Doctor, Doctor

Keep these refrigerated (I'm implying that they're hot).

xoxo (CW) Alex