Posted Wednesday, May 29th 2013 @ 22:10

Just for you infantile tiny minds out there WIP stands for: Work In Progress, and for you near smart minds: yes it can be grammatically INcorrect to capitalize the I in In, and also the N in INcorrect, and sometimes even the use of a semicolon:: in the place of a comma... but eye am the Great See Wheelsin and I do what I want all ova yo branemem!

I digress.

You're all very cute.

So here is how you start to build a super massive city in the middle of a surReal desert, not to be confused with dessert (two esses means you want more more MORE!) by using nothing more than a little paint.

,,, and that is with the talent meter only pushed to 10%

You can imagine how sensational the hair is ;^)

Have a lucky day.