Posted Wednesday, Apr 10th 2013 @ 21:04

A Quang could be defined as: "Unsustainable chaos and/or unpredictably manifested into a witnessable event."

An example of a Quang: Imagine yourself driving down the freeway at top speed. Suddenly you hit a bump, and the drink you had conveniently placed in your lap spills over, and as you scramble to save it your car swerves into the next lane; the huge semi truck that almost crushes you honks its thunderous horn at you, and now your phone starts ringing, and just then a bird flies RIGHT INTO YOUR WINDSHIELD!?@

Now, this is just one example of the many infinite, unpredictable sequences that can lead to a Quang. A quang can also be manifested in almost any form, such as: something visual, audible, touchable, or whateverable.

Another example: You're at a party, and things have started to get really [removed by editor], and now someone is passing around a [removed by editor]; then someone else starts telling a ridiculously funny story that gets everyone laughing, then someone else chimes in with a witty comment that sends everyone howling! OH NO! There's an exposed [removed by editor], and the howling turns into uncontrollable mad cackling! The dude next to you falls over he's laughing so hard, and just then a cork pops!?@

!?@ is The Quang written symbolically. !(shock), ?(WTF?), and @(crazy, zainy, my mind can't comprehend)

@ is actually supposed to be written as a spiral, but common keyboards are not yet equipped with the ability to describe a Quang, so this will have to do for now.