Posted Wednesday, Jan 15th 2014 @ 16:26

We are in photography week and the new come featured artists are in!

As for me, I am still out in my deep deep corner of space gathering as much data insanity as I can before my air tank runs out and I have to return home...Ah.. get to return home I should say.

Home to a family that loves me, and friends, and a dream job during the day where I can toil over the spoils of the journey out to space, and to always shine bright into the future knowing each day brings the promise of hope and wonder into my loved ones and mines hearts =^)

...but what is that!?

...That strange goop oozing from the rock silicate sample!?!?

awwaEEAWeWAWweEWEWAwwwaeea gooove clamp sluuuroop

We are!!!

The first ten people to email your address will have a signed print that is a photograph of the original goop covered piece of matter...

Sercret sh!.

Never stop reading.