Posted Thursday, Nov 2nd 2017 @ 15:36

The shepherd has a job
like anyone else
There aren't many tasks
on his list

He doesn't need a
Post-It note to
remember what to do
before he goes home
Instead, he has one
task that he must
do always

He must be vigilant
and never stray
He must keep
the flock together

The housecat wants
to wander
Wants to see

Wants to hunt the lizard
that lives beneath
the threshold

like anyone else

The housecat needs not
affirmation from other housecats
The housecat also does not
need Post-It notes

But he does find them

Though they have chosen
different paths
the shepherd and the housecat
are similar

But even so

If a shepherd should find
that his job is to tend
to a herd of housecats

Compromise may be
off the table