Posted Sunday, Nov 24th 2013 @ 11:47

... from the Wilson perspective.

The story starts with a story. A story conceptualized and written by the Word Weaver Dan Leeson and the script went like this: Sacrament Script

Then there was stage two; layout lay-out-er-ing by Alex Greengaard that look a lil' somthin' like dis:

Then we go in with some character concept drawings and a rough draft for approval (which I got!!! BOOM baby!) remember diis on Alex's Birfday?:?:
Characters and Rough Draft

And now to wrap up the Sacrament prologue from the trail of Wilson.

The drawings shall now pass to Greengaard for final inking, texting, and coloring.

This is the first graphic novel undertaking I have ever done in this body, and I am proud to say that it was a group effort done with my brothers.