Posted Wednesday, Aug 14th 2013 @ 21:32

Hi kids,

This is a fantom of a memory of a thought that belongs to the light of a shadow.

Sometimes you are super prolific when in comes to making art, and sometimes you may get struck by one of those cursed "artistic blocks" (that's not a real thing [actually that's true, it's all in the mind {but is what goes on inside the mind real?}]), and sometimes you spend a whole bunch-a-ton of your creative time working on a contracted project that has a thing called "first rights", and you can't publish anything you are working on until your freelance employer publishes first. We don't have to worry about that for today's post though, oh except for that whole thing about first rights.

There are all kinds of crazy things to account for in the world of copy-writes, and contracts, and trademarks, but that is not the case here on our lovely lil site.

I digress; some day soon I may be able to sneak some peeks of the project your man Wilson (I am a ninja after all) is working on, but until then scope out the little cutie below created by our very own Art Department's Alex Greengaard and Holly Randall.

This guy is the guy you use when the world's weight becomes too heavy you just want to curl up and... spoon... ten gallons of peanut-butter-chocolate-chocolate-ice-cream... right into your dot dot dot

mouth. =^O <---gobble gobble gobble