Posted Wednesday, May 15th 2013 @ 17:55

Say you are a songwriter; if you're reading this post there's a good chance you're into creative shenanigans and may actually be one, but just in case: Say you are a songwriter.

Say you are a songwriter that has songs written, and you're in quest to land some local gigs while at the same time find some other crazy locals to make some noise with. We here at Wolfgang and Sons are happy to facilitate your needs. You see, we do it all, and we are the best at what we do. We're a gang and welcome others to join our family.

Mr. Jason LeVally is such a songwriter looking to be initiated.

Our Wilson as been playing with LeVally for a couple of years now, and in the past few months has presented Jason's dreams to The Gang to help him realize them.

One weekend the process began at the legendary Hummingbird House, and we recorded a couple of Mr. LeVally's tunes with the help of another crazy cat named James Few.

That action is mixed down and ready to be heard!!! Superstars