Posted Thursday, Sep 5th 2013 @ 1:18

The air has been ripe with change, and Strife channeled supreme on this day of reset reboot.

So I've got a thing for Angels. Dragons and deemons sometimes make the cut almost always as well.

I'm going to go ahead and say this one is a deemon. Captured using the magic of a graphite pencil.

I used some of Senor Greengaard's technique, of copy printing drawings, to expand on a drawing that was going very well, but proved to be on too small of a surface. Scanning the image and then re-printing it on watercolor paper, here you see the finished drawing. I shall next mount the watercolor paper onto a wooden or masonite surface, using acrylic layering medium.

True to the nature of the strife, I do not have a computer with Photoshoppe, or any sort of pixel morphing capabilities, so you wont be getting a nice preview. You'll have to find it... in the future.

Don't miss it!!


Here --------> Strife

P.S. Now aware of capturing capabilities, I shall spend future energy on harnessing a more lightful guardian. Look out for Symmetry.