Posted Wednesday, Mar 13th 2013 @ 13:19

It's the word of the day, and so seemed appropriate to have my Wednesday post reflect that notion.

No matter what is going on in your world it is important to exercise Strength even in moments of weakness.

BOOM! punch a pepperoni to that forehead!!! Or a roundhouse kick!!! Or a whatever the hek. Always be strong.

Strength (The Painting above)

This was another commissioned project for a friend of mine. Interesting to me the whole nature of this piece as it took some strength from me to build the confidence to know that I did my job well.

My friend wanted a painting representative of "overcoming"(his word) and Strength is what I came up with. Musing in the abstract about so many different possibilities of things to overcome, I wanted the painting to reflect just that. I wanted it to be universally symbolic to anyone that views it that they may have the strength to overcome any obstacle. At the time me and my friend barely knew much about each other; friends of friends and things such as this... That... Whatever, anyway... I never asked him what it was that he was looking to overcome (I didn't feel that it was my place, although I'm sure he would have told me). Now, our friendship grows, and I have a pretty good idea what it was. Keyword: "was." High five if you are reading this! No worries if no though. I know I did well in my part to help.

Have a great day world!