Posted Thursday, Oct 10th 2013 @ 0:03

Have you ever been to every major rock 'n' roll concert that you've ever been too??? Of course you have!!! They always have such great tracks playing over the PA system that get you hyped up for the main attraction.

They keep playing more tunes over the PA... Where the hek is our awesome band!!??! We want SPINAL TAP!!!

Well this folks is one of those moments...

You've been promised Prologues so here is another oldie but a goody instead =^D

The Eye of Polyphemus

Here ye be the face of our great first game, and first outside of music collaboration presented by the founding members of Wolfgang and Sons.

The game is: Nostos

This painting of Polyphemus, Son of Poseidon, is one that we are very proud of. I wanted Polyphemus to really showcase what his name proudly projects: One that is most famous.

So how does an artist go about making the most famous of all famous mythological creatures (the man eating cyclops)most famous??? Simple... First you use the prettiest/ most buffest of your male friends that you can find, and he must be named Dan Clarke; Second, you make him surReally terrifying by giving him three faces that speak in unison, alluding to the horror that is his three part harmonic voice.

You may also want to make him evolutionary battle ready, by showcasing empty divergent eye sockets that naturally confuse his enemies away from his one weak point, his one eye. Lastly, the dual fang man maw; the last hidden gem; the true mouth that opens through the line of all three faces big enough to swallow a six foot man whole.

Take another gander up at ze painting... It's all there.

Enjoy =^)