Posted Monday, Oct 28th 2013 @ 10:04

Today's post will require an adventure.

Steven (I renamed him), the ferocious T-Rex from last week's proceedings, looks a bit lonely to me; and I think he could use a friend. Everybody who has ever taken a biology class knows that a Tyrannosaurus's best ally was the Stegosaurus. That is, before Lando Calrissian turned those Stegosaurus rebels over to that Pterodactyl bounty hunter. Ah, facts.

My point is, I need to draw a Stegosaurus, but I'm running short on texture maps, and I intend to do a field mission to find the perfect texture for an unstoppable Stegosaurus.

*This asterisk will represent the passage of time. I chose it because of its resemblance to a snowflake.

So, I went into the field and returned with 48 snaps of killer textures. It is my intention to put them all in a zip file and share them with everybody, so that nobody goes without textures this Christmas. While I was walking, I kept thinking of artsy things to say about how the stones were speaking to me. I actually had to audibly interrupt my inner monologue with the words "shoot me" before I realized how pretentious I was sounding. I'm taking close-ups of garbage can lids, not submitting to the national gallery.

So, for this shot, appropriately titled Skree, I went with the stains left under an olive tree. Besides their use as cells for my next prologue, I think these belong to my baby nephews. Meet Matthew:

xoxo (CW) Alex