Posted Wednesday, Sep 10th 2014 @ 21:00

Hm. Looks like I haven't posted a Babyloney for awhile. Sorry to disappoint, but we're not changing that trend today. Instead, do enjoy a few backgrounds I made for a nifty PhotoBooth program that a former client (turned friend) coded.

Oooo, Harvest Garden (literally just "semi finished" a moment ago) fits nicely on most screens. For the purpose of being a backdrop to my PhotoBooth, it's finished. Fortunately, I won't be uploading that file size. 4 ft by 6 ft at 300 ppi files can swallow a computer whole. Scream for Geppetto all you'd like, he won't hear you in that whale. For 5c, I'll probably work more on it (and change the sizing). The reason I want to is that this was intended to be a landscape, but there's something fundamental missing that defines a landscape.
10 points if you can guess what that is.

And how could you go wrong with Vintage? Yum.

Then there's...

'Merican Gothic.

'Nough said? Jah. I think so. Babyloney soonish.
It's a promise.