Posted Friday, Oct 11th 2013 @ 17:24

I hate technology. Just hate it. Ok, I actually love the ever living crap out of it. It makes my life super easy…but its always right in the middle of doing something really important--important to me anyways--that it just flips you the bird and decides to not work for no good reason. Prime example is today…just now…Im trying to upload a couple of truly snazzy pieces of art that I just finished today and for no reason my scanner REFUSES to work. Now had I dropped the damn thing, spilled water all over it or even name called it I would understand its stubbornness. Alas none of these things happened. Not two seconds after using it for my first scan it completely craps out for the second….But now I'm just ranting.
So a couple of us from the art dept or as we sometimes call ourselves "Exquisite Corpse" have been working on a collection of prologues for a collection of mini comics cleverly named "Prologues." Alex and Wilson have both submitted ideas and actual art to show you all a sample of how this works. We tell a quick introduction to a story over the course of about two pages with words and pictures and just when we have you hooked we move along to the next story. I image that at some point with enough people interested in one story or another we will expand on some of our ideas but until we have the time and energy to do so this neat little peepshow is all you get. Sorry to [edit=disappoint] you.
Now one little idea I had was to make flash pages of some of these stories to get people interested. What can I say: Im a sucker for marketing cool [edit=stuff]. I have created two such posters for two of the already published stories the boys have worked on. Ruxpin The Terrible and Sacrament--Which I should mention is our very own Dan Leeson's brainchild. So here is where my dilemma kicks in--my scanner crapped out after uploading Ruxpin so you'll have to wait for the second one! Sorry folks--you always want to leave them wanting more…..