Posted Tuesday, Jan 7th 2014 @ 19:13

Ok folks it's been a bit, but here is a toasty poasty!

This is my latest finished commission, that I may show you, and it's called:


It was rather strait forward. My client wanted to give her bosses a painting for the holidays; they are a married couple you see, and my client, my friend, well, well she thought of me!

She thought of me to do the painting that you see because she saw a painting in their house that was similar. Similar to me!

So she gave me some pictures of her bosses, her friends, the couple, gave me a few words involving color, and direction, which was to be an abstract painting incorporating some of the themes that I was given; I mixed them up into my brain and channeled the above work of art.

See simple ;^)

The name of the company that my friend works for is called Cedar. Their logo is a cedar tree, and in the far left middle of the painting there is a tiny shout out to that logo.

You have to know where to look though muUHAHAHHAhAha!


Anywho they loved it, and I hope you do too.