Posted Friday, Mar 1st 2013 @ 15:37

Content Type: LP
Artist: The Wolfgang
Original Release: 2010

Notes: Songs from the Hummingbird House is Wolfgang's first LP, recorded entirely on a 4-track Tascam Portastudio. The album seeks to adhere to a lo-fi aesthetic, pushing simplicity and raw energy over studio sterility.

We recorded these tracks outside, in open air, during our regular Sunday sessions and mixed them ourselves using cheap software. Since the Portastudio only records two tracks at a time, we mixed the drums on a small mixing board before the signal chain. Dan's Takamine acoustic-electric roars through Marshall amp models on his Line 6 Flextone, a line of amplifiers harkening back to the day when the company marketed to surfers. His driving riffs push through the static, eager for the stable drone I was never willing to deliver. The bass is bouncy and dissonant: I can recall the pop of Wilson's thumb against jazz chords on the high fretboard as he turned his head to watch the sun drop below the mesquites. This album is about playing rock and roll music in the southwest while learning how to be a band. It's gritty, it's unpolished, and it's ours. Listen to this on your worst stereo: she'll thank you.

The 910
Back Alley Serenade
The Letter
Once More
Fortune Cookie
Evil That Men Do
Universal Truth

Okay. So if you're dying to pay for this, here you go. But seriously, we don't care. I actually think we lost the password to collect money on this one.