Posted Friday, Mar 1st 2013 @ 22:58

Content Type: Tabletop Game
Artist: Wolfgang & Sons
Original Release: 2012

The gods do not play fair.

Nostos is a deckbuilding card game set in the Aegean after the fall of Troy. You and your opponents are Achaean (Greek) heroes competing to navigate your ships and crew across the Aegean Sea to return home to beloved Greece. This task will not come without hardship. You and your men have angered the gods: desecrating their altars, mutilating the body of Hector, burning the walls of Priam, and ignoring your promised rites. Poseidon, who favored the Trojans, will not let you return without a struggle. You must attain gold, men, and glory, traverse the dreaded islands of Circe, the Lotus Eaters, and the Cyclopes, face the depths of the underworld, and win the favor of the gods to carve a path back home. But be warned: in the eye of Poseidon’s storm, achieving your objectives may set you further adrift than when your journey began.

Nostos uses three forms of currency (gold, men, and glory) to enable players to buy action cards and eventually, relics (the game's win conditions) for their decks. As players buy cards, they determine the character of their decks: which actions and resources they will have access to on future plays. All players buy from the same marketplace, establishing a strong emphasis on player choice. As each form of currency corresponds to specific actions and relics, players can build decks fine-tuned toward acquiring these win conditions. However, players must possess two unique relics to win. This means that strong play in the outset can lead to great struggle when the wind changes; leading to dynamic game states, complex interactions, and strategies that run deep.

Nostos dot PDF: This is a completely free cut-and-print version of Nostos. There's no DRM or user agreement, so if you want to go crazy and print a million copies, go for it! Actually, if you do that, we want to see pictures. We recommend that you print this on nice card stock with your printer set to photo. Then, either run all the cards through again with the "card backs" PDF provided, or put those bad boys in magic sleeves. The card backs are border-less, so you won't be punished if your print heads aren't aligned perfectly, or if you live in a crooked house.

Nostos Directions
Nostos Game Cards
Nostos Card Backs

Nostos dot Pay: Alright, so now you want the professionally printed version in the shiny box with the new-card-smell (See what I did there?). We can do that for you. You can buy the game from our publisher by clicking on this juicy morsel of hypertext:

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