Posted Friday, Jul 12th 2013 @ 9:10

Release early and release often is the motto. In honor of the secrecy, I will not discuss the why behind this track, merely the how. I started with a seed of a riff of a song, and then arbitrarily decided I wanted a ten minute track.

Setting a stopwatch, I set out to conga drum ten minutes of solid ambient beats. I am not a conga drummer. I do not practice, nor do I claim any proficiency. I don't say that to set up some sort of false modesty and a "and listen to how amazing it sounds!", but to impress the pain and swelling one experiences when slapping one's hands into conga drums for ten minutes.

Over top of the drums is a baritone acoustic guitar, an improvised single take. I did it twice, with one of the takes adding background ambiance. Why explain all this?
White Sands is, at this very moment, still just a proof of concept. I want you to hear it grow into a finished track. Release early and release often.