Posted Thursday, Oct 24th 2013 @ 0:10

One of my favorite topics of conversation has always been: if you could have a superpower what would it be? For the longest time I always thought that flying was it for me. Total freedom. But as I got older and was introduced to the awesomeness of comics I quickly discovered that I had some serious options which raised the stakes of my favorite question. An example: I always thought that Rogue's powers were pretty neat but her limitations made them somewhat undesirable. The scarlet witch's Hexing powers were interesting too but to be honest I never quite understood them. Then I read all about Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force. Now I know its not really a superpower so much as a crazy co-dependent relationship between goddess and a level 5 esper. (nerd alert here!) It was then I called dibs on that power--even if having them made me a [hilarious expletive] lunatic.
So gearing up for comic con and beginning my quest on a new line of art prints I began to write a list of characters I want to draw. As I went down said list I realized all the characters I wanna portray have superpowers that have at one time or another been on my list of favorite skills. So for my first print I drew "Phoenix."