Posted Sunday, Sep 22nd 2013 @ 2:11


The trees are thick and dark, the forest floor is sparse. A brown robed MONK and a leather clad HUNTER saunter along a dimly lit path that meanders through the trees. The monk has a leather satchel and a walking staff while the hunter sports a bow on his back and a short sword on his belt.


The body of the beast lay in a meadow not far from here.


You're certain it was the monster I seek?


Part man, part wolf? I am certain.

A sharp noise cracks ahead of them and the Hunter grabs the Monk and pulls him back as they stop and listen. The monk stares at the hunter as he slowly and quietly pulls something from his bag and eats it.


What is it that you're eating?


My sacrament. It's brings holy communion with god.

The Hunter silences him and listens a moment before beckoning him onward.


Let's hurry. I don't want to be caught in these woods after dark.

The Hunter presses onward in front as the monk follows behind him. As they make there way into a particularly dark stretch of woods, the Hunter slowly begins to change shape and morph into a Werewolf. The monk calmly reaches into his satchel and removes a bright blade, raising his arm and plunging it down in a swift arc, planting the knife into the back of the transforming Hunter. The Hunter falls to his knees, morphing back into full human form. His head drops down and he stares at the ground as he slowly slumps over onto the forest floor.


I was mistaken. It is here that the beast lay.