Posted Friday, Mar 1st 2013 @ 22:10

This is kind of what it's all about for me. Wolfgang and Sons dot com is a content delivery platform for artists working under DIY ethics. That means that we release music, games, and fine art to wide audiences completely free, with no digital rights management software, no single-use licenses, and no terms of service agreement. You get the content, no questions.

So, what's in it for us? The work that we do is killer, and we think you're actually going to want to pay for it. We'll make that possible for you. You know, if you want. Whatever. We'll also make it possible for new and emerging artists to release their art to wide audiences, so that's cool.

Here's what to expect: One. Content on a regular basis. Think Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We're an artist collective, a rock and roll band, and an indie game development house. We'll be releasing new music like woah, and you can expect games and other things as well. We even have a section for things, whatever that means. Two. Commentary. When we drop content, we'll tell you all about it. And, in the things section, you can expect some cheeky dev-banter. Three. Quality. We consider ourselves curators for a really weird museum. Expect bells and whistles.

So, now that you know our deal, click on the little buttons until you pass out. I don't care.

xoxo (CW) Alex.