Posted Wednesday, Apr 17th 2013 @ 14:12

Magic was in the air that Sunday. White hot betty bunches of holy rockin' oats were pressed into lock down, but that was just the beginning...

A surprise from out of nowhere appeared before the gang. It was an enchantress with an impressive wooden harp come to delight the world with the sounds of her captivating song!

Torn away by the obligatory pull from the gods of blue collar, one member of the gang fell short of the experience's full effect. Capturing the essence of this enchantress before them was a job for the twins.

Confort was key in creating the space for our guest. "Here's some magic water from the well" presented by the tall dark one. The devices of sonic frequency encapsulation were placed around the room by the shining alpha.

Once the room was set, Alpha Greengaard left, to attend other business, entrusting his fellow kinsman to do what needed to be done in order to help the beautiful ms. McCammond share her gifts with the world.

She began to play her harp, each note rich in potent sound.
She sang her song...

Falling back on the clouds nearby, I, Chris Wilson, was transported instantly, and gracefully to the great garden, that mere words cannot even describe. I was met there lying in the field by my best friend and great lover. The sun warmed us complimented by a cool summer breeze. How fitting. A wonderful window opened for the imagination to all that wish to rejoice in it's splendor.

Listen to her song and know. Track: Nightshade

Thank you Mariah McCammond for the honor of allowing us to record you.

Back to reality: You rock chick!

Find Mariah doin' her thang all around T-Towne (Tucson,AZ) at such venues as The Temple Lounge, and even this weekend at our 4:20 show with us, and In Search of a Word.