Posted Friday, Jan 31st 2014 @ 12:37

Here is project of love, which means: an art project that the artist, in this case me, did just for the sake of doing art. It's art from the purest of heart <3

This piece is about crossing the line.

It takes place on the surface of the sun. The sun is volatile and violent, but also provides our galaxy with light and heat and all kinds of other zainy particle waves that are essential for life here on Earth, as we humans in the third dimension, are aware of.

A strange anomaly has occurred from within the sun, and a demon is seen emerging bringing forth evil to the surface. This type of solar flare must be kept in check.

An aetheric angel has come to send the demon back from whence it came. Equipped with a vorpal sword the angel is about to stab the demon in the heart, however the demon so close to full emergence is on the brink of touching the angel with it tongue...

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