Posted Monday, Dec 2nd 2013 @ 20:50

We are the Wolfgang and we are stronger together.

I realize this is a strange way to start a post about an Eastern Shore release, but roll with me for a second. There was a show we played this year where the opener was missing some integral piece of equipment and they just took off like the wind. And we were like, oh. After a beat, everyone was just looking at me, like "Make me a bicycle, clown!" So I did my best. I pointed at a few people from various Wolfgang Family bands, called the audible, got up there, and jammed out a set.

You're expecting me to say it was super groundbreaking and we really impressed everyone, and Morgan Freeman burst through the door with a slow clap. Honestly, it was just a few people I knew and trusted, and we made some weird music on the fly. What's more important is what it wasn't. It wasn't us all standing around waiting for the clock to tick while the house music played. We made a band, out of other bands, and music came out.

We're closing in on a year of Wolfgang and Sons, and it still takes me forever to explain what we do. But, turns out, it's very simple. We look out for each other. That's what we do. No more, no less.

This track is called Lullaby. It happened because, on a Wednesday, I pointed at some musicians (specifically, the members of Eastern Shore: Jayson, Jeff, and Roland). On a Saturday, those musicians showed up at the Blue Room, and everybody did their part. We shared the weight, and the task got lighter. And on a Sunday, I stirred it together with a wooden spoon. I don't know if it's perfect, but we made it, and, well, that's enough for me.


xoxo (CW) Alex