Posted Saturday, Mar 16th 2013 @ 23:40

Alright, boys. I got my first packet response and the world didn't implode so I'm lifting the ban on main-page posting. Use this power with care. Do not get the site wet. Do not feed it after midnight.

For the reader with furrowed brow, that was a bit of dev-banter. I'm communicating with my cohorts through channels we created specifically to communicate with you. We do that here, both because it entertains us in a resplendently impish sort of way, and because it provides a necessary sliver of world building, which, incidentally, entertains us as well. If you read the word sliver just now and thought of Magic, you're in the right place. Oh, and speaking of world building; with decidedly bold font face, I'd like to provide you with-

Necessary Information
We are an artist's collective and this is a collection. There are three of us. We post content regularly. There is a schedule. It looks like this:


On Sundays, we meet at the Hummingbird House. Here we record music, design games, make this website, and plot elaborate capers. I intend to provide detailed information about my contemporaries in the following paragraph, but the only wording I can seem to produce for the bold-faced title is Gang Member Profiles, which, I think, might not accomplish the outlying thesis to the degree and standard I seek. However, I've been made aware that the answer is embedded within the question.

Detailed Information About My Contemporaries:

Real Name: Dan
Known Aliases: Willee Wolfgang
Powers and Abilities: Electric guitar, vocal precision +1, quality assurance, scheme-plotting
Current Project: Moonlit Lake LP

Real Name: Wilson
Known Aliases: Chris; Christucson; C-Man; The Juice; Eye Guy; StuArt Zeta...
Powers and Abilities: Acrylic on canvas, bass guitar, non-bass guitar, mind expansion/obliteration, limitless luck, can ingest toxins
Current Project: Codename Grotto

Real Name: Alex
Known Aliases: Automaton, The Baron
Powers and Abilities: Charismatic leader, jack of all trades
Current Project: Galapagos!

We intend to provide you with a steady flow of high-quality free content made with DIY ethics, lo-fi aesthetics, and gluten alternatives. We're also going to change everything.

xoxo (CW) Alex