Posted Monday, Jun 24th 2013 @ 18:07

Our work on the top secret project that shall not yet be named continues. With each release, I intend to divulge new clues, which will perhaps unfold the nature of this endeavor, whose proportions may be monumental. Or minuscule. I'll never tell.

You have now noticed that The Kid has joined us for another session (two of three), this time at the Blue Room. Kid wrote both guitar lines to this one, hence the scorching licks. I hung back and played producer, adding a few warm pads to clean up the noise floor, and some tasteful ride cymbal hits. If I did my job, you won't notice my hard work: cleaning up the soundscape, cuts and fades, mastering on the new monitors, etc. New monitors, by the way. It's worth noting that my favorite part of the process for this round was having coffee on the porch with Kid's mom, Irene. Building friendships is, without a doubt, what makes these projects worth the time and energy.

Okay, back to the top secret project. Let's recap what you know: Spanish style guitar-led compositions. Emphasis on collaboration. And I've named each piece after an American archaeological site.

Any guesses?

Track: Kennewick

xoxo (CW) Alex