Posted Tuesday, Jan 7th 2014 @ 1:43

Well, nobody was expecting this.

My plan for today's post was to go hit the downtown for another harvest. However, before I could do that, I ran out of light. The new Tomb Raider may or may not have been involved. Nobody really knows.

So I found myself in the dark with no post. I sat down at my kit to practice for a bit and clear my mind. And then Hue came into my brainwaves, clear as a bell. But weird. Well, this was as good as anything. And what's more, I can finally make a nice preset for a brushed snare. So, since I was already at the drums, I started there; recording the whole piece on memory power. (Memory Power Activate!)

A little electric bass, a little electric guitar, a little vocal action, and I was in business. Actually that clocked me until midnight, abouts. Rolled it into the workspace, and sat down for a quick and dirty mix. Recently, the boys and I have gotten into some pretty powerful mastering tools, and they are sweet as candy. But more powerful than the tools, it turns out, is the 300 page book that explains how to use them (This was Dan's Xmas present to me and I love it). One of the most important pieces to the puzzle is the industry-standard signal chain that goes on the master track. So, being the lo-budget, lo-fi fiend that I am, I decided to try the super hi-fi signal chain, but with the run-of-the-mill, stock plugins.

Books, I think you'll agree, are really good things.


xoxo (CW) Alex

PS: The signal chain is eq, multipresser, post eq, exciter, stereo spread, reverb, adaptive limiter. Keep the change, ya filthy animal. :D