Posted Wednesday, Jun 5th 2013 @ 23:46

Holy guac, this place is teeming with content! Boys, you're killing it. Killing. It.

Alright, crackers, let's howl.

Dan has been rockin' it CCR style with his collabs (community building, anyone?). His latest track, Open Prayer, groves, yeah; but with a set of teeth. Teeth! Get you some.

Dan has also been nose-to-the-Wolfgang-grindstone (We call this Greengaard-style) on his graphic novel. Ch-check the latest update here.

Wilson is dropping the art hammer with some work-in-progress action on an insane commission. He has clearly made a dark pact for these powers. Go ahead and click, click, click on the high res.

Kid has also been mixing some stuff we thought we had lost, and- Oh my Lanta, this thing cuts. Just- just click on the- just click on the thing. Like, now.

Oh, my turn? Okay. New Galapagos preview; got you some clean lines for them dirty eyeballs. Go on. You know you want to.

Oh, and did you ask for some bonus content? Like, the back of the Galapagos box, or whatever? Well, since you said please.

xoxo (CW) Alex.