Posted Monday, Apr 22nd 2013 @ 11:04

In the wake of a slew of killer content, I think the time has come to call your attention to our recent activity. You could call this a blogroll, or whatever, but you'd be doing it injustice. Because it's a howl of the wolf pack. You're welcome.

Dan has posted some notes and behind-the-curtain content on his upcoming graphic novel. He's an amazing writer, and even his pre-writing is dynamic and intriguing. Check it out here.

Wilson has been learning the arts of recording, mixing, and mastering with great haste. Recently, we had the beautiful and talented Mariah McCammond in the studio to record her track Nightshade. Here is the mix!

I have a bit of world-building and shop talk for my latest work on Galapagos to share. You may click on this morsel of hypertext to enjoy it.

And we just played a really, really big show at Playground. Wolfgang Family Band assemble! This Flickr set should do the trick for helping you understand that, indeed, rock and roll is a viscous beast crackling beneath our skin, bursting from our lungs and our hearts.

xoxo (CW) Alex