Posted Thursday, Apr 3rd 2014 @ 10:53

Alright kids the time has come; the big finale..!!!

Hermes' Whisper

A couple weeks back you saw the original drawing; last week you saw the blocking in of the shadows and the covering of all of the original drawing's white of the paper. Now, this week's step is the completion of the painting; the addition of all of the opaque color.

In the commission world you have to do your very best to listen to the wants and desires of your client to bring their complete vision to life. You as the artist have the talent, and the skills, and maybe you whip up some awesome work of your own from time to time, but this time its a little different; your working on someone else's dream; you're saying: hey come on and jump inside my body and direct MY hands to do YOUR bidding, and sometimes it's a little weird.

This was not really one of those times though. The process has been very streamlined, and from what I can tell the client is very very happy with the final result (I sure am too).

Now it's time to package it up and send it out! The best part is when they see it for REAL, cuz in the art world the original is second to none.