Posted Thursday, Oct 3rd 2013 @ 16:49

HELLO WOLFGANG AND SONS!!!! So, I'm Jake. I'm new here. I figure that before I post anything real on here, I should let y'all know a little about me and what I'm doing here in Arizona!

So, I make music with my incredible band mates. We're called CREATING THE SCENE. If you're thinking of a fun. lyric, you're correct. Fun. is my favorite band, and they really inspire us as musicians, so we figured it'd be appropriate. Alex helped us with the name. We've played lots and lots of times. We've even scratched our way onto the Rialto stage for the Tucson's Best Concert Indie Edition! That was literally crazy.

Right now the band and I are working on our album! If things go right, you can look for it early 2014 to Spring 2014!

Oh man, I can really ramble. I'll cut to the chase. From me you can expect anything artistic that I can manage. Much like my brother, Alex, I live for ART.

So, I'm so excited to be joining the Wolfgang on this website! They are so talented, and I hope that anything I post can live up to what they're creating!

See ya later, alligators.