Posted Thursday, Jan 16th 2014 @ 14:00

It's still photography week! (Oh noes: lexical ambiguity). As in, it still is photography week. Which is awesome because, more content! Yay!

Today's post comes from Heather Cole. Heather is a lecturer of photography and digital art at both Penn State Behrend and Allegheny. Her work captures the subtle spaces between memories; those free radicals of the human experience that we so often fail to notice, and more often lose. Heather finds them. Where other photographers carry an AK, Heather uses a sniper rifle. She is patient, knows what she wants to see, and when to pull the trigger. Heather digs deep, finding the candor and humanity buried in every interaction: from the predefined to the chaotic.

She'll take it from here:

"I love texture. Giving you pretty doesn't feel real. So I want to give you grime and my second favorite flavor. Stories. Or in this case images with an implied visual story.

I can't title these. It'll taint them. So they're listed in alphabetical order, starting with my favorite letter. None are staged. I saw something about to happen and waited...or mildly stuck out my foot to trip the scene into motion. They emerged from professional gigs, volunteer work, and from the everyday."








"Just for giggles, I'll taint one. G is 'He wanted Fido to say cheese.'"