Posted Monday, Jan 13th 2014 @ 22:47

Happy Photography Week everyone!

Today's post is from the fantastic Tucson Photographer Cristina Siqueiros. Cristina's work carries a strong semblance of curiosity, blending the somber quietude of the American ghost town with striking manifestations of composition, clarity, and light. There is a vague sense of lingering humanity in her bold visions of abandon.

I'll let Cristina take it from here:

"I like street photography but I also find beauty in discarded things. While the graffiti on 4th avenue might not seem all that important I find it to be beautiful. I want to know the story behind it. I don't think of myself as a street photographer but more like someone that likes to capture things in the moment. These days I carry my camera almost everywhere. Though, as it is with life, the best moments seem to occur in my life when I don't have the ability to capture them on camera."

"In this body of work I wanted to combine the idea of beauty with things that seemed to have become abandoned over time due to various reasons. This led me into exploring many abandoned buildings, ghost towns, and ruins in southern Arizona. I wanted to show that rusty nails and piles of corrugated metal could be beautiful in their own way. In my exploration of ghost towns I also began to ponder what the lives of the people that lived there were like. I found that some of the sites were no longer preserved and unfortunately had been taken over by graffiti depicting drugs and modern day gang culture. I hope in my work I can show beauty in things that we take for granted."