Posted Wednesday, Mar 27th 2013 @ 17:51

Birth of and Ancient:
Artemis Challenging the Chaotic Evolution of Nature

Following the theme of the Galapagos! sneak peek I, The Great C.Wilson(!) decreed that the above painting would be choice for his day's post.

There is a new creature sprouting from a strange chrysalis seed pod in the depths of the forest on this day. "Could it be?" Wonders the innocent bunny bun buns. "Is this our awaited prince come to finally release the forest from the times of darkness?" The speechless doe simply watches. "It looks so creepy." whispers the neutral ring-tail under her breath. Even a small squirrel's imagination is stimulated by the possibilities for the future. "It's one of us!" says the voice inside the captivated wolf-gang alpha's mind. "It must be destroyed!" shouts the self appointed, tyrannical, overlord centaur as he pulls back his murderous bow with a desire to end the unguarded alien life...

Artemis flies by with a grand gesture as magic falls from above. An elvish hunter, a lethal protector, watches from the shadows and the heights of the forest canopy. Cool, calm, and silent, the rogue hero's bow is already drawn. His mark has long been made. Will his steadfast arrow stop the evil centaur from delivering his own wrongful death blow???