Posted Wednesday, Aug 28th 2013 @ 22:31

Bugs... Bugs are on the screen heer in da desert night, outside, at the great table of interwebs.

Te Great C>Wilson still works a champion "load to [someday] explode" from his secret project known as Alkemia.

Between being a member of blue collar nine to five, a member of The Wolfgang, a member of The Secrecy, and Exquisite Corpse Art Department, it can be a challenge to squirt out a little creative juice for the sake of hek yeah. I apologize for being so miserly with my clockworks, but it is for the good of the land muhHAHHAhHAhhAHhaha!

Seriously though you will get a huge explosion someday in the not too distant future, but until then, enjoy this classic.

Speaking of classic, this beauty got it's name the same way every dinosaur got it's name: Greek/Latin root words. This dino was discovered using the imagination as opposed to, well... Reality.


Flight Wing Volopteron

It's name means: Flight Wing tee hee hee =^P