Posted Thursday, Dec 19th 2013 @ 14:39

This image has been a long time coming.

The idea's inception began about two years ago with a word, and that word is Passion.

You see this painting was commissioned, and when my friend and client said she would give me only one word to work from, I was immediately interested by the notion. When she told me the one word I became very excited.

The journey began and so did the aetheric channelling, and what was being channeled was, yes very passionate, but it was also very terrifying. It was bloody. It was war-ing. It was burned.

I could not release what was being made out into the world.

This was very troublesome to me; to capture the trueness of passion into a single tangible form, and above all else my own passion to then be sold with a dollar sign.

It could not be done. I would not let it be done.

So time went on, and eventually I knew that the new time had come, and that time was to paint the dang painting that was first asked for two years ago. Luckily I didn't have a deadline.

I started the painting.

Two days later I texted my friend that I had something wild brewing.

I knew this was it!

Little did I know, two days prior to the text, the same day that I actually started the painting up again, my friend had messaged me on (The Site That Shall Not Be Named Here).

She told me that she woke from a deep sleep and had dreamed about the painting. She didn't know what the dream meant, but in her message she told me that she had gotten to thinking about how long it was taking me, and was thinking we should abort the mission.

Strangely she had this dream the exact moment that I started creating the painting that I knew was the one.

I instantly messaged her back on (The Site That Shall Not Be Named Here) and told her that I completely understood, that she was right, I had been taking an incredibly long time, but that I was going to go ahead and finnish the painting anyway, and if she like it it could still be hers, but if not I would completely understand that too.

This is what was created:

I couldn't rightfully name this work of art Passion, but it is the best I could do in a single tangible form.

It's Flame.

It is a romantic piece. It is lovers. It is magic. It is fiery, and enchanting. There is even a little blood but not waring or deadly. It is obliterating but also calm.

It's Flame.